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The most frequent attachment we notice on an excavator is the bucket. There are hundreds of excavator bucket manufacturers around the world, each advertising that they have the best excavator bucket to offer you. So, how do you make the right choice for an excavator bucket? In short, as with most things in life – you get what you pay for. Then it comes down to certain details of what you need to accomplish with that bucket. The questions you need to ask yourself before you call us are:

  • What do you need to accomplish with your excavator bucket?
  • Does your excavator offers the breakout force necessary for the size bucket you want and the load it will carry?
  • Do you need a digging bucket, ditching bucket, or grading bucket? What job does it need to perform?
  • Finally, what is your budget for an excavator bucket?

At Solaris Attachments, we carefully studied the marketplace for the best standard buckets (digging buckets, ditching buckets, etc.) in terms of the best value for the investment you will make. These are built by Solesbee’s Attachments and are 100% made in the USA. We also offer the most innovative and highest quality specialty excavator buckets from Harford Attachments in England. These would include tilt buckets, grading buckets, cable buckets, etc. 

Check out our extensive product guides and video and then call us or fill out the short form below to let us know what bucket you need, and we will send you a quote back very quickly. Thank you for considering Solaris Attachments for your next excavator attachment purchase!

Standard Excavator Buckets

Our premium Excavator and Backhoe buckets, made by Solesbee’s, are specifically engineered to handle clay, gravel, compacted soil, and loose rock applications.

  • Buckets contain additional wear material in the base edge and bottom wear strips
  • Available for ALL makes and models of backhoes and excavators
  • Standard Widths from 12” to 36”
  • Constructed of wear-resistant steel
  • Customized buckets built to your specifications
  • Available in toothless, bolt-on edge or replaceable teeth
  • Made in the U.S.A.!
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Harford Specialty Excavator Buckets

Digging Buckets

Harford’s reputation was built on the range of digging buckets that deliver optimum performance with minimum stress to plant. Options include weld-in pins and removable blades.

Hook Buckets

Reduce time and effort when moving around the job site.

Two-Way Grading Buckets

Easily de-coupled and turned 90 degrees, so you save time – the bucket turns, not the machine! Designed specifically to enhance the performance of our unique Uni-Lok Tilt®, the 4-pin design offers greater flexibility in complex applications.

Ditching Buckets

Tough enough for the most demanding ditching and grading jobs. With built-in stiffeners for strength and durability. Removable blade option.

Safelock Buckets

Made specifically for the Harford Safelock® Dedicated Quickhitch System to maximize breakout force and prevent interference with the machine.

Tilting Ditching Buckets

The hydraulic tilting mechanism transforms the performance of the bucket, allowing it to be held at the exact angle required anywhere through 45 degrees. Supplied with standard fittings compatible with your machine’s hydraulic system.

Ripper Tooth

Made with wear-resistant steel for maximum strength. Ideal for breaking up hard surfaces, dislodging rocks from topsoil, pulling up tree roots and wrecking. Removable tips are standard.

Brush Rake

For fast, efficient scrub clearance and topsoil preparation, the Brush Rake efficiently removes debris, stick, and weeds.

Stone Bucket

Perfect for recycling and landscaping applications, separating rocks and large objects from the soil. Tine spacing can vary to your specs!

Clay Hook Bucket

Designed specifically to reduce the resistance of removed material, allowing it to be unloaded more easily.

Scandi-Style Grading Bucket

Reinforced side plates for strength and durability plus a sleek side profile make this bucket move more swiftly through the ground and release material quicker than a conventional grading bucket. Combine it with a Harford Tilt Coupler for a perfect landscaping system or road grading – whatever needs fine grading at all angles and tilt up to 90 degrees left or right. Available for up to 9 tons for standard pick-up of Harford Safelock® System.

Scandi-Style Grading Bucket with Tilt Option

If you choose not to invest in the Harford Tilt Coupler and a 90-degree tilt is not as important as having some tilt, then we offer the more economical Scandi-Grading bucket with its own tilt unction which allows for 45-degree tilt, left and right.

Square Hole Bucket

A special style Safelock Bucket with a square hole for specific excavation projects.

Uni-lok® Tilt Rake

Double-locking, hydraulic quick hitch solution with the rake attachment and gain the ability to tilt the rake with ease to get your project done quickly and efficiently.

Trapezoidal V-Bucket

Perfect for forming new ditches and trenches or opening badly blocked ones. Large capacity and narrow cutting edges give excellent ground penetration.

Reed Bucket

Allows water to be drained back into the ditch or channel but retains weeds and solid waste.

Land Clearing Rake

With thicker tines and wider spacing, the Land Clearing Rake is built to handle the extra power needed for heavy-duty jobs such as removing tree roots.

Cable Bucket

Ideal tool for digging deep, with minimal backfilling.

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