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Contractors and dealers should also keep in mind that excavator attachments often take longer to prepare and deliver than skid steer attachments. While a skid steer offers a universal quick-attach plate, every make and model of excavator has a different configuration at the end of the stick or boom. Therefore, it takes time to prepare a hook-up on an excavator attachment that will fit your configuration just right. We will usually ask you what type of quick coupler your excavator may have. If you have a pin-grabber instead of a quick-coupler on your excavator, we will ask you for measurements of your pin diameters, the distance between your pins, and a couple of other measurements. So, please make sure to allow for extra time when ordering an excavator attachment!

Simply browse the list below and choose the excavator attachment you would like to review in greater detail. Then give us a call or fill out the short form and we will be in touch with you shortly to place your order, send you a quote or answer any questions.

At Solaris Attachments, we offer you 100% US-Made Buckets, made with North American Steel. Our buckets are made with pride and care in North Carolina. We offer buckets for the smallest excavator, up to the largest excavators on the planet. We offer three categories of digging buckets:

  • Standard Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extreme Duty

Due to a well-staffed production line and expert management, we offer reasonable lead times!

Solaris Excavator Bucket
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Digging Buckets

Solaris Excavator Bucket

Digging Buckets come in any and every size you could need! We manufacture these buckets for excavators from 2500lbs up to 120,000lbs, in widths from 8″ up to 96″ and any custom size in between.

Every Bucket comes with teeth and wear plates made high-quality steel.

We add Heel Shrouds/Outer Wear Plates, Lip Shrouds, and Side cutters for the heavy-duty option. 

Want a certain tooth? No problem! You can provide them or we can find them for you!

Ditching Buckets

Ditch Cleaning Buckets come smooth edge with an additional bolt-on edge. We can add drain holes and gussets.

These buckets come in all widths for machine sizes 2500lbs up to 120,000lbs and some sizes for even larger machine sizes.

Tilting Ditching Buckets

Power Tilt Buckets allow the bucket to rotate 90 degrees in each direction. These buckets come in many widths for most size machines! Prices include a bolt-on edge! 

This is a low-cost alternative to a tilt coupler for those who just need a tilting bucket for one-off jobs. 

Ripper Tooth

Excavator Rippers offers a low-cost alternative when it comes to ripping the soil. It makes light work out of otherwise hard ground whether due to cold, rock, or just the terrain. 

Ripping the ground prior to digging will reduce wear and tear on your bucket attachments as well as your machine! 

We offer various sizes, so please call to get the right size for your project.

Brush Rake

Excavator Rakes are an excellent attachment for land clearing, used to remove unwanted roots, limbs, brush, and other debris.

Stone Bucket

The Skeleton Bucket is a bucket designed to allow for materials to be easily separated, which helps when sifting through materials. 

We customize these buckets to fit what is needed. The customer decides on tine spacing and style. Side cutters can be added as well as teeth. 

Cribbing Bucket

Cribbing Buckets are used for railroad maintenance like removing railroad ties and also for some minor trenching. These buckets come in 6″, 8″ and 10″ options for mini excavators and come with teeth. 

Pavement Removal Bucket

Pavement Removal Buckets are great for the removal and handling of pavement and cement slabs. The unique design of this product maes it easy to wedge under a slab of material to pry it up away from the grounding one or more pieces. 

Comes in a variety of widths and capacities for many machine sizes!

Trapezoid Buckets And V-Buckets

Trapezoid Buckets are a must-have for anybody doing ditching work, they make easy work out of ditch shaping, and reduce backfill helping reduce your job costs. 

These are completely customized! We need to know the top width, bottom width, and height/slope that is needed for the bucket. These buckets can also come with smooth edges, bolt-on edges, or teeth! 

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