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Removing poles and setting new ones has always involved a combination of heavy machinery. Lots of labor and a great deal of time. These are tough projects to bid on and tough to make a profit for the contractor – UNTIL NOW! With the combination of our pole jack and three different sizes of pole setters you can set up to 140 poles in one eight-hour day with a one-man operation! If you think it’s impossible, we have customers you can call who will give you testimonials all day long on how our products have hugely benefited their businesses. You can take additional pride in knowing that our pole jacks and pole setters are 100% made in the USA by a manufacturer that is owned and operated by a disabled Vietnam Veteran who employs other veterans. 

The smallest pole setter is capable of setting poles 32 ft. long, while the largest pole setter is capable of setting poles up to 90 feet in length! These amazing pole setters can be attached to a double-cylinder rotating base for a skid steer (rotates up to 127 degrees) or an excavator mounted rotating base. For the skid steer, it attaches in seconds with the Universal Quick Attach. With the combination of sizes, you can handle ANY shape and size of pole, pipe, or fence.

The rotating base allows you to easily pick up poles that are laying on the ground, ready to be set. Simply grab, lift, and turn and set your poles – it’s really that easy! Lift your poles up high and easily maneuver them through crowded city streets without having to move parked cars – imagine the cost savings! Even better – the operator never has to get out of the cab, which is a very important safety measure.

If you’re a contractor with a construction project that required pole removal, pole setting, pipe setting, fencing, you need to call us now or fill out the short form below.


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