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There are many variations in the design of quick couplers. The initial difference is between those that can pick up any of a range of attachments, such as buckets, by clamping onto the mounting pins for the attachment. These are known as pin grabbers or pin couplers. There is also a variation that works only with buckets and attachments designed to suit that particular quick coupler, also known as a dedicated coupler. The Harford Safelock System is such a dedicated coupler. The advantage of pin-grabbers is flexibility in use in that a machine owner can use a variety of buckets and attachments without changing the quick coupler or buying an adaptor. The advantages of dedicated couplers depend on their individual design but often include better performance and smaller size. The Harford Safelock System is a world-renowned compact system that is easy to use and retains the machine’s breakout force very well, due to its efficient design.

The Harford Pro-lok® System, on the other hand, is a mechanical coupler that is universal and will work with most attachments and buckets. Both, the Safelock and the Pro-Lok couplers are designed for excavators starting at 0.75 to 9 metric tons (1,650 to 20,000 lbs.)

Solaris also offers a Solesbee’s Mechanical Quick Coupler. Please review our Solaris Quick Coupler Product Guide for more detailed info. Fill out the form below for a quote or call us now at (206) 290-0843.


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