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Solaris Mulcher for Mini-Excavators

For years, customers have asked me if we carry mulchers for their Kubota U-17 or Bobcat e20’s. Nobody has tried to create an effective mulcher for mini-excavators of that size until now. Look no further because Solaris is currently the only dealer and distributor in the US to carry these high-quality Gordini Mulchers for Excavators beginning at 1.5 metric tons (3,300 lbs.) to 9 metric tons (20,000 lbs.) in the mini-excavator class.

You will enjoy high-quality, durable craftsmanship, made in Italy by, G.F. Gordini for many years to come. We carry spare parts and offer service in the US if needed, so you can have peace of mind when you purchase your Solaris Gordini Mulcher for your mini excavator. 

These mulchers can get into tight areas that brush cutters cannot. Additionally, brush cutters and disc mulcher will throw the material which the mulcher, as its name suggests, virtually pulverizes the material in place and leaves far less of a mess. 

Check out the videos and specs below and give us a call to order yours today at (206) 290-0843 or fill out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.

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