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Solaris Tractor Attachments (Cat. I & Cat. II)

The farm tractor has proven itself as the farmer’s most powerful tool for decades. With the new technological developments in the industry, the tractor has become more efficient and versatile. Solaris offers several attachments for the Cat- I and Cat-II, 3-pt. hitch tractor. The difference between a Category-I and a Category -II Tractor is: the lower lift pins are 7/8″ in diameter, and the top link pin is 3/4″. The Category-I hitch is used on tractors from 20-45 hp. A Category-II is 32″ wide. The top link is located 24″ above the center line between the two lower lift pins.

Tractors with Quick-Attach Adapters

A tractor can be converted to add brackets and a quick-attach plate in the front, so it can perform jobs just like a skid steer, providing the tractor can generate enough hydraulic flow for the attachment to operate. If your tractor is equipped with a quick-attach plate or you are considering adding that feature to your tractor, please let us know – it will open up a lot more options for you as far as attachment choices at Solaris Attachments.

Tractor Attachments for Erosion Control

Contractors can choose from a variety of different Silt Fence Installers and Straw Crimpers as a skid steer attachment, tractor attachment or ones that are interchangeable between skid steers and tractors. Please review the grid below to determine which one may be right for you and make sure to tell us the part number in the form below and we will send you a quote right away.

Our Straw Crimpers are the best on the market. 100% US made with US Steel and a t a very reasonable price. We offer two different options for disc spacing and various widths for our straw crimpers. The Solaris Straw Crimpers are also offered with skid steer hitches to make them interchangeable between the tractor and skid steer.

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