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Straw crimping is a highly effective application of straw as a protective cover over seeded areas to reduce erosion and aid in revegetation or over bare soils that will be landscaped later to reduce erosion. The Solaris Straw Crimper Attachment has serrated disk blades, six or eight inches apart which forces straw mulch into the soil.



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Solaris Straw Crimper Attachments are hassle-free and will complete the job very efficiently. This crimper attachment design allows the soil to stay connected through the mobility of the machine’s discs and keep the straw crimped. The advantage is that the discs pivot left and right, up & down – independently from each other. The result is secure, even straw mulch installation through rocks, stumps, and sidewalks. Compare this to conventional, single-shaft crimpers: When they hit a rock or any obstacle, the machine lifts up and disengages the soil. The Solaris Straw Crimper’s discs float over objects when they hit them, allowing the other discs to maintain firm engagement with the soil. This also allows for smoother and tighter turns during installation.

You will confidently and uniformly produce lasting crimped straw, at a very efficient pace – even through winds and heavy rain!

These amazing features, along with the Solaris straw crimper attachment’s sturdy construction and ease of operation, allows you to confidently and uniformly crimp straw -that will stay crimped- to keep soil in place and undisturbed… even in high winds or heavy rainfall!

This Solaris attachment is built for Category-I and Category-II tractors to attach to the 3-Pt. Hitch and pull it behind the machine. We also offer skid steer hitches, so you have the option of interchanging the Solaris Straw Crimper between the tractor and skid steer. On the skid steer, the attachment would be pulled backward. The Solaris Straw Crimper is 100% made in the USA with US components and US Steel. Please fill out the form below and let us know the make and model of your tractor and/or skid steer and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Or simply give us a call – we will be happy to talk to you!

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Solaris Straw Crimper Key Features:

  • When an SCX crimper disc hits an object, it floats over or pivots around it, while the other discs remain firmly engaged with the soil. The disc pivoting action also allows for smoother, tighter turns for faster installation.
  • The Solaris SCX Straw Crimper’s discs can pivot left and right and up and down independently, leaving a well-secured, even mulch installation.

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