Product Spotlight: tinbin TC2

Turn your excavator into a suction truck with the tinbin TC2! It rotates to get into those tight spots unreachable to a hydro-vac truck and allows you to dump on site. Avoid long wait times of trucks and maximize your machinery utilization with the revolutionary new dry vac excavator attachment.

The tinbin TC2 revolutionizes the excavation industry with dry-vac capabilities, extreme portability, and reduced operating costs! This handy attachment could potentially replace hydro-vac and dry vac trucks. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, this highly durable machine will provide years of low-cost operations and amazing versatility.

tinbin TC2

  • No wasted time
  • No environmental fees apply to spoils
  • Dry excavation
  • Spoils dumped on site
  • Low-cost solution
  • No licensing needed
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Highly adaptable
  • Avoid weight limits
  • Quiet operation

Hydro Vac Truck

  • Time-consuming
  • Environmental fees apply to spoils
  • Needs refilling with water for every load
  • Spoils taken off site
  • High-Cost Solution
  • Needs Licensing & Registration fees
  • High maintenance costs
  • Not very adaptable
  • Weight limits apply
  • Noisy operation

The Technology

The tinbin TC2 allows you to excavate quickly, cleanly, and precisely. Dry suction excavation means you can dump on-site and avoid slurry disposal charges. Air is non-conductive and allows you to stay on-site longer, boosting productivity!

The tinbin TC2 is a hydraulically driven, pneumatically functioning suction device that attaches to your excavator The TC2 has the ability to suck mineral building materials, ground and gravel etc. via a concentrated vacuum and is perfect for a variety of jobs in rail construction, landscaping, municipal work and excavation.

The radial ventilator generates a strong airflow, with which the material is carried into the container chamber from here the material can be dumped on-site or into a bin. The TC2 model brings new innovations like dust suppression and a cylindrical container to improve dumping! One amazing benefit of the TC2 is that it is an uncomplicated and economical alternative to manual labor.

tinbin TC2 Product Sheets

tinbin TC2 In Action Video

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